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MUMUSO opens its first store in Ecuador, andwitness the furtherglobalization of MUMUSO



At 6pm on April 11th local time, MUMUSO has opened the first store of Ecuadorin Cuenca, Ecuador's third largest city. Sandra Velez, a well-known broadcaster from Ecuador, hosted the opening ceremony. Meanwhile, the former Miss Ecuador, Maria Vargas, was also dressed up and attended the ceremony.





Cuenca is an important business center in the South region of Ecuador. In Cuenca, ancient historical monuments and cultural spots have perfectly blended with modern commercial activities. Tourists, artists and businessmen from all around the globe have brought this historical Southern American city passionate and energy.





There was an exciting free flash sale on the opening day with all of the items could be taken home for free – as long as you can put in your shopping basket within 30 seconds. The active participation of the consumers on the spot pushed the opening activity into a climax.





The opening of MUMUSO's first store in Ecuador is surely an important step in MUMUSO's strategy in Southern America and a remarkable sign of MUMUSO’sdetermination of moving forward to global market. With the deepening of world economic and cultural exchanges, the "relaxed and happy" attitude towards modern urban life is rapidly sweeping the world and gaining popularity among young people. This is perfectly aligned with MUMUSO's brand vision: "Let everyone enjoy the fun of life". This is also one of the reasons why it has gained worldwide influence and reputation in just over four years. MUMUSO always pay full attention to the needs of every consumer, and take it as mission to provide "reliable quality with affordable price" featured products, and strives to realize the brand vision of "Wherever there are young people, there is MUMUSO".