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MUMUSO officially unveiled the first store of Spain in Barcelona, fashion bloggers came and celebrated in the opening day


In December 2019, the first store of MUMUSO in Spain was officially unveiled in Barcelona. On the opening day, well-known fashion bloggers @saraemdi, @clakovi and @joaanalopezm attended the ceremony and attracted a large number of fans.

As fashion influencers with tens of millions of followers, the three bloggers shared the lifestyle ideas with fans and carefully selected MUMUSO's special products in line with their fashion attitude. They also choose some unique MUMUSO products for their fans as gifts. The bloggers' sincere recommendation has prompted fans to flock to MUMUSO's stores. They clocked in, shopped and uploaded photos on the internet, thus establishing a good reputation for MUMUSO in the Spanish market.

In the opening day, there are also popular DJ performances and unlimited supply of specialty desserts, attracting people to gather and buy into the store. A wide variety of beauty products, seasonal warm scarves and hats, delicate and simple digital items became the hot items of the day. Everyone enjoyed the music and the food while shopping, which made the scene atmosphere hot and warm.

Spain is an important location for MUMUSO's global layout. Spanish people are passionate and unrestrained, pursue beautiful appearance and attach importance to quality of life, which coincides with MUMUSO's quality life concept. The first store of MUMUSO in Spain is located in the historical and cultural city of Barcelona, which not only enables the local residents of Spain to enjoy the new quality life brought by MUMUSO, but also gives tourists around the world the opportunity to experience the affordable goods and excellent services of MUMUSO.

 The grand opening of the first store in Spain marks a new step in MUMUSO's international journey. In 2020, MUMUSO will stay true to the mission and move on.