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To celebrate the 120th anniversary of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, graduate students sign up for strategic cooperation hand in hand


On April 8, 2016, Shanghai Jiao Tong University celebrated its the 120th anniversary, the signing ceremony of strategic investment cooperation between MUMUSO and Hong Kong Hengshuntai Investment Management Limited was held at the headquarters of MUMUSO.



According to information, one of the main reasons why the signing ceremony was held on April 8 is that the founder of Hong Kong Hengshuntai Investment Management Co., Ltd. Zhang Yi and Occupational Legal Adviser Ms Yao Yueqian, as well as a number of senior executives of the two companies are graduates of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Therefore, holding such signing ceremony on the 120th Anniversary is equivalent to an offer of a special gift to the alma mater.
With voices and looks of the alma mater in the heart, grace and favors of the alma mater will be always remembered. By sending this gift, they also want to tell the alma mater that they have grown up from young graduate students, and they have lived up to the cultivation of the alma mater. This is of extraordinary significance for graduates of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and even the two companies.
Hong Kong Hengshuntai Investment Management Limited is a company founded based on investment by original foreign executives in combination with Hong Kong capital for the main purpose of financial investment and management consultant, headquartered in Hong Kong, with investment projects and branch offices spread across mainland China, Singapore, Thailand and other countries and regions. Its purpose is to share management experience with entrepreneurial companies, so as to help enterprises to enjoy better development in terms of development strategy, organization and management, brand construction, etc.



The strategic cooperation is significant and far-reaching for both sides. In the normal situation where the real economy keeps dropping bit by bit under the hit by e-commerce, vigorous development of MUMUSO and other small-sized fashion retail stores undoubtedly gives the real economy a much-needed boost. MUMUSO has always adhered to the path of sustainable development. In the rapidly changing market economy, MUMUSO reaches a strategic cooperation agreement with Hong Kong Hengshuntai Investment Management Limited exactly with the aim to constantly adjust and optimize itself and improve the company’s core competitiveness, thus prompting a faster and better development and operation of the company.
Happiness comes with blooming of hibiscus flowers! MUMUSO is a leisure brand focusing on youth and fashion and representing a fresh, fashionable and healthy life style.. Based on sourcing globalization, MUMUSO continuously commits to production process innovation and selects higher quality raw materials while following the philosophy of “simplicity, concision and environmental protection”. Thoughtful creative designs and inexpensive high-quality products brings people with a fashionable and creative life.
MUMUSO sticks to providing economic, affordable, young, fashionable articles for daily use all the time for the public, combining functions, qualities, designs and values together with the concept of sustainable development always kept in mind. From products to packing and then to market terminal services, MUMUSO has carries out this philosophy in every procedure of daily operations.
Currently MUMUSO has hundreds of stores in China. We have always adhered to the attitude of bearing responsibility for each franchisee and each newly opened store, based on good faith as well as the business philosophy of beginning with the end in mind and seeking all-win harmony, in accordance with the development strategy of making progress while maintaining stability, striving to ensure every store of MUMUSO having a sustainable development.
Today, as MUMUSO has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Hong Kong Hengshuntai Investment Management Co., Ltd., its business scope will be expanded, and most importantly, it will receive strong support in the future enterprise development strategy, organization and management, brand construction, etc. We believe that with the conclusion of this cooperation agreement, the company will get faster and better development in the coming days, and the operation and management of the stores will be improved stably and effectively, thus helping to realize the vision of MUMUSO.We also hope that all consumers pursuing quality of life can get access to fresh and fashionable life at MUMUSO.