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Retailing Rises and MUMUSO Comes with Mighty


The Ninth China High Growth Chain Industry Summit and 2016 Award Ceremony for China Top 50 High Growth Chain Enterprises hosted by Kaidianbang, which is under China's most influential business media CYZONE, co-organized by CYZONE, China Customer Innovation Center and Overseas Education College Shanghai Jiao Tong University took place at Beijing Grand Millennium Hotel on the night of November 24, 2016.
It was an important event of the whole industry, and also a rare opportunity to exchange ideas.
Nearly 500 famous chain brands, more than 100 investment institutions, commercial real estate and service chain enterprises, as well as the current most influential famous people in the chain industry gathered in Beijing to witness the annual chain summit.
In a surprise winner pose, MUMUSO surpassed the formers with mighty and was awarded the honor of top 50 high-growth chain enterprises!
This is a return of the retail
the re-rise of retail
MUMUSO FAMILY witnessed the glory and growth together
Since its settlement in China in December 2014, MUMUSO has performed overall exploitation of the Chinese leisure market and advance triumphantly. In face of constant shocks to the retail and besieged on all sides, it has developed its own style and market share, leading life with creative ideas to bring fashion and taste to every customer.
In less than two years, MUMUSO has developed from nothing to possessing more than 300 stores today with rapid expansion and strong brand impression, but it penetrates inside the consumers softly like breeze.
Behind these achievements is sincere service of the MUMUSO family. Based on field visits to thousands of families to have insight into their daily life, MUMUSO inspires the creative inspiration of products in the life and truly provides beautiful, practical, excellent and inexpensive products with focus on the immediate need of the customers.
"Creating your life with life innovations" is the philosophy of life that MUMUSO sticks to. By breaking through the tradition and innovating the management, we believe we will be better with your support and accompany!
Life starts with MUMUSO