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MUMUSO Enters Russia and Starts a New Journey in Europe


MUMUSO held a signing ceremony with Russia's top business group “MLP Group” in respect of comprehensive strategic cooperation of MUMUSO in the Russian market on March 7, 2017. This strategic cooperation achieved win-win and mutual benefits. It means MUMUSO starts to explore the Russian market in full throttle and further expand the international market, thus opening a new chapter in Europe and raising the brand influence as well as competitiveness in the world in an all-round way.
Founded in 2003, "MLP group" is the largest logistics companies in Russia with a large size and abundant strength, specialized in providing warehousing and logistics services for local and foreign enterprises as well as providing land for office and business purposes; "MLP Group" has invested in more than 100 coffee shop chains in Moscow as well as high-end residential and commercial real estate development around the world.
Since its birth, MUMUSO has always pursued creative and simple design aesthetics, to set up a healthy consumptive idea for consumers around the world. In recent years, MUMUSO has been holding the goal of "enabling every customer to enjoy free, fashionable and happy shopping experience" to bring "excellent, fashionable and creative" products for consumers, in accordance with the life philosophy of "creating your life with life innovations". It is believed that the settlement in Russia will enable MUMUSO to meet the needs of Russian people with the ingenuity spirit and high quality products, bring a new trendy style to more young people and inject more fresh energy to the local retail industry, thus creating a brand in "Fashion, Authenticity and Nature" lifestyle.
Development Director of MLP Group Mr. IGOR IOFFE present at the signing ceremony was full of optimism for this mutually beneficial cooperation and highly affirmed MUMUSO's brand proposition. He also stated the fast fashion charm that he felt at the headquarters of MUMUSO in Shanghai, feeling marveled by this innovative mode of operation. In particular, after knowing about the blueprint for global development, he believed this strategic cooperation will surely yield substantial results. Representatives at the headquarters of MUMUSO expressed their thanks for trust of Russia in MUMUSO and believed that the brand will surely achieve great development in Russia in the future and bring happy shopping experience to more European consumers.
Under the entity retail downturn, MUMUSO has had a counterattack all the way. In 2016 along, it set up more than 200 stores across the world, which was a great success. After entering the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia and other countries with a view to the broader international market, MUMUSO develops fast in retailing. Today, signing with Russia has kicked off the journey of the brand to Europe. 
The blueprint of MUMUSO is more than that. To bring fashionable and creative life for the people around the world and create a relaxing and pleasant shopping environment has always been the pursuit of MUMUSO. MUMUSO plans to open more than 30 stores in Russia in 2017. In the coming days, MUMUSO will be stationed in more countries and regions. Today entering Russia is a solid step of MUMUSO to conquer the global market.