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MUMUSO Gets Further Globalization Vietnam's first flagship store is settled in Ho Chi Minh City in a high profile


The first flagship store of the leisure brand MUMUSO in Vietnam officially opened on March 8, 2017.



It was the third store of MUMUSO in Vietnam, also the first flagship store. Since its settlement in Vietnam, MUMUSO has been widely appreciated and welcomed by the Vietnamese people with its fashionable and simple store design along with fresh and healthy creative products. The two opened stores of MUMUSO in Vietnam set off a “consumption earthquake” in 3 hours of their trial operation, where products were quickly snapped up in the surprisingly unpopular sales!


The opening of the third store, that is, the first flagship store in Vietnam, marks the further globalization of MUMUSO and reveals the brand power.


The store is located in Ho Chi Minh City known as the "Oriental Paris". In this busy area that can compete with Nanjing Road in Shanghai is packed with CHANEL, DIOR, BOBBI BROWN, OMEGA and other famous brands, with an endless stream of pedestrian. Entering the high-end market shows that the brand is loved by consumers around the world, and also reveals the position of MUMUSO in the international market.



Under the entity retail downturn, MUMUSO has had a counterattack all the way. In 2016 along, it set up more than 200 stores across the world and contracted with Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia and other countries, which was a great success. In particular, it was ranked in China's high-growth chain enterprise Top 50. MUMUSO develops fast in retailing and the opening of the first flagship store of MUMUSO in Vietnam is exactly showing that MUMUSO determines to move into the middle and high-end market in the Southeast Asia.


As a country with rapid development in economy in the Southeast Asia, Vietnam has witnessed vigorous development of business in recent years, with substantial increase in economic competitiveness.


The further expansion of MUMUSO will drive diversified development of the local retail and bring a life style rich in "Fashion,Authenticity and Nature", it will also provide the local consumers with pleasant and modern shopping experience.MUMUSO will spare no effect to create happiness and build a creative brand the Vietnamese actually love.



Since its birth, MUMUSO has always pursued creative and simple design aesthetics, to set up a healthy consumptive idea for consumers around the world.


MUMUSO plans to open more than 30 stores in Vietnam in 2017 and expands to other neighboring countries and regions besides Thailand, Philippines and other countries it has been stationed in, to fully cover the Southeast Asia. To bring fashionable and creative life for people around the world and create a relaxing and pleasant shopping environment has always been the pursuit of MUMUSO.