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Fast Fashion Hits Europe and Witnesses the Special “Shopping Spree” in Moscow of Russia


The first flagship store of the leisure brand MUMUSO in Moscow, Russia officially opened on June 29, 2017. MUMUSO CEO Mr. Xia Chunlei attended the opening ceremony together with the representatives of Russia, witnessing the historic moment of the collaboration between MUMUSO and Russia.



At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, MUMUSO CEO Mr. Xia Chunlei expressed warm congratulations for the new store opening, saying: "The grand opening of our first flagship store in Russia marks a key step on the international development and it will start a new milestone. In the coming days, MUMUSO will work closely with Russian partners and join hands in creating a better future.” Representatives of Russia were also full of optimism for this mutually beneficial cooperation.



The store is located in Moscow, known as a "forest castle". Numerous luxury brands such as Cartier, Damiani, Lalique, BVLGARI, Tiffany&Co and Harry Winstion were born here.


On the opening day, the store of MUMUSO was swamped by people, really bustling. Its fresh, fashionable retro and elegant design style attracted many tourists and local citizens in Moscow to consume at the store.


Covering an area of more than 200 square meters, the store is all-encompassing and there are more than 2000 high quality creative products displayed, including various daily necessities from cosmetics to digital products, which can fully meet the everyday needs of consumers. There is no shopping guide around to recommend commodities, but when the consumers need help, the assistants would provide services for customers in the first place even they are sorting out products. The whole store creates a warm and comfortable shopping atmosphere.



The store set off a “consumption earthquake” in 3 hours after official opening, where the products were quickly snapped up and the shopping baskets were in short supply in the surprisingly unpopular sales!



Since its birth, MUMUSO has always pursued creative and simple design aesthetics, to set up a healthy consumptive idea for consumers around the world, with focus on simplicity, concision, environmental protection, people-oriented brand concept and sourcing globalization, in accordance with the life philosophy of "creating your life with life innovations” to serve every customer with ingenuity spirit.


Successful settlement of MUMUSO in Russia kicked off the journey to enter the middle and high-end market in Europe. Further expansion of MUMUSO in Russia will drive diversified development of the local retail, and will also provide pleasant, free and fashionable shopping experience for the local consumers.


As a fast fashion leisure brand based, MUMUSO will be stationed in more countries and regions in the coming days. Official opening of the first flagship store in Russia is a solid step for MUMUSO to conquer the global market.