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MUMUSO’s global flagship store grandly opening in Thailand on the Queen’s Day


MUMUSO's first flagship store in Thailand had a grand opening on August 12, 2017, which marks another farseeing step forward in the Southeast Asian market after its entrance into Philippines, Vietnam, Russia and Indonesia.



This flagship store is located in the largest city in northeastern Thailand. As the core hub connecting the country, Korat has fast and convenient transportation facilities, modern business atmosphere and comfortable living environment. Located in The Mall Korat, MUMUSO aims to bring the life concept of “Fashion, Authenticity, Nature” to the local people through creative design and featured products with high quality and low price.



August 12, 2017 is the 85th birthday of Queen Sirikit Kitiyakon in Thailand. In order to celebrate the great contribution of the Queen Sirikit to the country, the day of 12th August of each year is named as the “Queen’s Day”. To express the noble respect for the royal family and the people of Thailand, MUMUSO chooses this great day specially as the opening date of the first store in Thailand. Not only that, from the date of opening, MUMUSO will also carry out opening celebration for three days to express the good wishes for the Thai people.



On the day of opening, the local institutions and schools were all on holidays. There was a hubbub of voices on the streets, and the people held the jasmine flowers, which represent the “Flower of Queen”, to participate in the celebration of Queen’s day. MUMUSO’s opening ceremony was also in full swing. The representative of the headquarters of MUMUSO joined the Thai representative to participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony and congratulated on the official entrance of MUMUSO into Thailand. The MUMUSO Thailand agent in charge stated: “MUMUSO will follow the spirit of selfless dedication of Queen Sirikit, we will see ‘creating a better life for the Thai people’ as our duty. Every customer coming to the shop can enjoy a pleasant shopping experience. They are committed to buy the fashion life supplies with high quality and low price.”


At the official starting of business, the stream of people in MUMUSO Korat flagship store (nearly 300 square meters) was like weaving.  Customers coming to experience and media coming to interview were in a continuous stream. The simple and stylish store display, beautiful product design and meticulous customer service all obtained high praise of the customers coming to the scene. Sales staff of the store continuously supplemented the products on the shelves to meet the huge consumer enthusiasm for the purchase of the products. As of the date of publication, the MUMUSO’s store in Korat, Thailand has made impressive performance with a great start.



MUMUSO is an advocator of light life idea. Upholding the brand concept of “Fashion, Authenticity, Nature”, MUMUSO aims to serve every consumer with great care. The opening of the store in Korat is just a start, in the future, more areas in Thailand will touch a closer feeling of the pleasant shopping experience in MUMUSO store. From Thailand to Southeast Asia and then to the world, MUMUSO always adhere to bring the most valuable products to the world.