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Entering of MUMUSO FAMILY in Vietnam brings a new upgrade of consumption experience


On August 20, 2017, the original animation fashion brand MUMUSO FAMILY that belongs to MUMUSO held the grand opening in Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam. In the first day of business opening, it attracted more than 5,000 customers and was well received by the locals.



Since MUMUSO entered into Vietnam, it has been widely loved by the Vietnam people because of its modern design and creative products. The settle of MUMUSO FAMILY which was owned by MUMUSO in Vietnam is aimed at promoting the local consumption upgrades and bringing more rich, delicate consumer experience for the Vietnamese.



MUMUSO FAMILY was founded based on the pursuit of MUMUSO loyal customers to the Light Life and personalization. Relying on the original image of six cute pets, MUMUSO FAMILY integrated its creative goods with fashion culture to let the consumers purchase the products while enjoying the happy time with their families and friends. Consumers will feel the bright and comfort which was delivered by MUMUSO FAMILY.


The six images of cute pet vividly shows the modern spirit of "Independent and interesting, brave to be responsible". They also evokes the consumer to think over about intimate relationship with their families and friends. The store provides high quality products with reasonable prices while giving consumers unprecedented scene experience.



The director of MUMUSO FAMILY in Ho Chi Minh City said that the good geographical location of MUMUSO FAMILY in Vivo City and Aeon MALL Binh Duong could effectively help the sales performance of the store. He also hoped the unique business model and design concept from MUMUSO FAMILY would give new inspiration to the local retail industries in Vietnam.


The opening of the MUMUSO FAMILY in Vietnam marks the deepening of the diversified layout of MUMUSO's overseas business, while reflecting its determination to enter the middle to high-end market in Southeast Asia. With the brand concept of "Fashion, Authenticity, Nature", MUMUSO will continue to deeply dig the preferences of consumers from different countries to provide more thoughtful service. At the same time, the continuous upgrading of consumer experience will improve the life quality of consumers, enhance MUMUSO brand image and expand the brand influence.


MUMUSO is making efforts to getting into international market. And by the end of 2017, more than 30 stores will be held in Vietnam. MUMUSO will beaver away to bring the fashion and creative life to the people around the world.