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With Continuous Exploration of the International Market, MUMUSO Witnesses Its Shopping Spree in Vietnam


Following a hit start in the Philippines, MUMUSO received another warm welcome in Vietnam, a multi-ethnic country in the South Asia.

MUMUSO is still very young with a history of only 2 years. Different from traditional brands sticking to the development pattern of "from home to overseas", MUMUSO knows the importance of globalization at the beginning of creation and it has established a strong international sales team based on overall layout and long-term strategic vision, to find and configure resources on a global scale.

From point to line and then to plane at home, on the basis of innovative products and services, MUMUSO continues to make the most of the international market with a base established in China. In the past 2 years, it has set up more than 300 stores, maintaining a good momentum of development even in the face of the weak global economy!

Abiding by the philosophy of providing “Fashion, Authenticity and Nature” products, MUMUSO is widely appreciated and welcomed by the local people in the overseas market. MUMUSO has led to a round of “shopping storms” since its settlement in  Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam. Snapping up by large queues of customers was normal and sometimes the store had to extend the business hours in the surprisingly unpopular sales!

What’s the secret to the growth of MUMUSO?

It sticks to the life philosophy of "creating your life with life innovations”and carries out the "supreme" till the end, providing supreme creative design, supreme service philosophy and supreme price guarantee.