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Continuously opening four new stores in Canada, Vietnam and Dubai, the MUMUSO globalization has enjoyed the sweeping progress in the beginning of 2018


At the begining of the year, the globalization of MUMUSO brand displays a good momentum. 0n Jan.15th, two new stores in VUNG TAU expanded the big hit in Vietnam. Six days later, the business of MUMUSO Canada has sailed from Vancouver. And in Jan.26th, the third store of UAE has been grandly open in Dubai.

Canada is the vital country in the global layout of MUMUSO. Thanks to its multi-culture, Canada becomes the wonderful place to do the new retail business of MUMUSO. The first store has been located in W 41st Ave,which is one of the most bustly business streets in Vancouver. Meandering the street, you could easily find the well-known clothing brands like GAP and the top coffee brand Caffe Artigiano. Located in the flourishing business street, MUMUSO also bring about the new brand culture of“ Fashion, Authenticity and Nature”to the locals.

At the same period, MUMUSO Dubai has also deliveried the good news about the opening of the third MUMUSO Dubai store. The new store has been sitted on the most legendary shopping center ------ the Ibn Battuta Mall. The mall was built based on the description of six ancient civilizations in the travel stories written by the world-renowned traveller Ibn Battuta. MUMUSO’s entering just reflects the tremendous power of Asia culture.

Other than the exploration of new markets in Canada and Dubai, MUMUSO Vietnam is making further progress in this year. “The new stores are just set near my house and it is no longer need to take one hour’s drive to the stores in Ho Chi Minh ”, said a delighted resident in VUNG TAU.


So far, MUMUSO has already settled about 30 stores in different regions in Vietnam, including Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi, Lan Son, Da Nang, Ca Mao, Bac Ninh, An Giang, Can Tho and so on. Not only on the side of busy pedestrian streets, but also in the premium shopping centers like VINCOM and LOTTE where the MUMUSO stores could be found.

In the past year of 2017, the MUMUSO brand has quickly got the name out for its fast market penetration in about 20 countries such as Philippines, Vietnam, Russia, Thailand, Dubai and Australia. In the new year, MUMUSO will keep on the high cost performance products and the high quality service. With an increasing amount of stores opened in different areas arould the world, we believe that more and more consumers will love and enjoy the relax and joyful shopping experience in MUMUSO stores.