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MUMUSO, the glory and dream of urban life


The One Dollar Shops in the United States and the One Hundred Yen Shops in Japan have recently become a popular topic in the retail sector. Such shops, the origin of which can be traced back to World War II, grew very slowly in the beginning but, with the coming of the 21 century, suddenly start to develop vigorously. Their growth has become a miracle in the retail sector. Dollar General, a brand in the United States, has announced the initiation of a plan to open 1,000 stores in this year, in other words, on average more than 2 stores a day.

At present, large scale retail chain stores that sell commodities at low prices are quite common outside China. The counterparts of such stores in China, the so-called Ten Yuan Stores, also spring up everywhere. Some strong performers like MUMUSO have, by virtue of their moderate but exquisite decoration, quality products at affordable prices, considerate services, and comfortable and cheerful shopping experience, overthrown the stereotype impression of original Ten Yuan Stores in people as places where shoddy commodities are sold at low prices. In these outstanding stores, people can enjoy the pleasure of "hunting treasure" at low prices.

It is commonly hold by consumers that a commodity must suffer from "unknown defect(s)" if it is sold at unexpected low price. Therefore, they seldom, if not never, buy such commodities unless they have determined that the commodities are good after inspection. MUMUSO has successfully subverted this stereotype belief by integrating and flattening its supply chain and by developing a buyers system and implementing joint procurement. Moreover, it continuously develops popular private-brand products of excellent cost-performance and helps consumers to get a home-like shopping experience.

Hundreds of commodities are available at MUMUSO for consumers to select from, including life necessities and original trinkets that you may want to buy when coming across them. Eventually MUMUSO had switched to the high gear of development for its honest, high-volume and low-margin business philosophy. It had achieved two-digit growth in every month last year.

Our business mode is of good sustainability and profitability. affirmed Mr. Chunlei Xia, CEO of MUMUSO. What MUMUSO really relies on is excellent cost performance rather than merely low-price. Over time, many raw materials will be available from multiple sources and at low prices. However, if we stress excessively on low price, we will not get satisfactory commodities. So we just choose the best products from those available at the same price and surrender more profits to our customers. Honestly speaking, our products' unit profit is very low, but the large sales volume enables us to provide competitive cost-performance. This intensive value is the foundation of our new commercial retail mode.

We never sacrifice quality for low price. At MUMUSO, every link of our supply chain, from product design, production, channel management to sales at outlets, has been painstakingly planned. At MUMUSO we know only too well that people are the most important link in the supply chain. If we only stress products or marketing strategy and results but neglect consumers' experience, we are putting the cart before the horse. Every element of our in-depth communication with consumers, from product design, production, supply chains to services, is down to the smallest detail. We strive to deliver optimal cost-performance and home-like experience to our consumers by rigorously selecting excellent materials worldwide and creating a convenient and comfortable shopping environment for our consumers.

In order to meet the needs of consumers at different levels, at MUMUSO we extend our business philosophy of "high cost-performance" to create an affordable luxury brand "MUMUSO FAMILY", trying to give different consumer groups more plentiful, exquisite, and distinguished experience. Customers can always find products of higher quality and receive more considerate service at reasonable prices.

At MUMUSO, our sincere service and relaxing shopping environment will create a living platform on which every consumer can enjoy interesting, care-free, and fashionable shopping time.