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MUMUSO, in pursuit of exceptional originality and customer satisfaction


With the dawning of the age of the Internet and informationization, AI has come to our side. What will our future be like and what will be the way out if we fail to catch up with the time? In a constantly changing and developing world, are there any patterns remaining unchanged?


Whether or not a business can have sharp competitive edge in future business competition depends on the business' connection with mobile terminals and the Internet.


All organizational behaviors of human beings, including business, are in line with the principle of "maximizing happiness and minimizing suffering". It is a human instinct to run after happiness, including the happiness in pursuit of and possession of things. So can we jump to the conclusion that the pursuit of happiness is an invariable law for organizational behaviors?


If the answer is positive, a new business retail mode shall be developed in such a way that every element, be it a design or a product, has to follow the vogue and intrigue consumers. Moreover, the supply chain management has to eliminate unnecessary intermediate links to achieve high efficiency and get flattened. Channel reform has to be ecologically-friendly and flexible, and consumers are expected to be more addicted to the happiness brought about by the value, quality, and sentiment of the commodities. It is this sense of joy that makes consumers to identify themselves with the value of a brand(e.g. Apple, IKEA, etc.) so that the business does not have to worry about any change of the world.


The business socialization in the future will change the modality for cooperation in the foreground-end, integrate and upgrade the correlation between people and people and between people and commodities. A business mode that involves consumers in the design and manufacturing of products with uniquely distinctive features was beyond imagination a decade ago. The change of business mode and the development of interaction will inevitably bring about mutual benefit for a brand and its consumers and this process will continuously upgraded and iterated. So long as consumers' instinct to seek happiness during their consumption remains unchanged, all business modes can make use of the consumers' joyful experience and affection share regardless of how the market has changed.


In light of this, MUMUSO adheres to original designing and branding on the basis of its understanding of human nature. In order to create the cozy feel of home and deliver heart-warming and comfortable shopping experience to customers, MUMUSO stores integrate products with the mentality and affection of the products' designers, manufacturers, and the entire supply chain. The life concept of "Our Time, Our Family" which MUMUSO hopes to communicate to consumers calls for the consumers to cherish the moments and enjoy the best originality in life with their families.



Persistent pursuit of originality and perfection is the most fundamental requirement we have for MUMUSO designers and manufacturers. All considerations, designs, and production will be inevitably reduced to hopelessly doomed price war without the respect and reverence for artisans and arts or the maintenance and support from original designers.


In concert with the reflection on this belief, we have created an affordable luxury brand, the MUMUSO FAMILY, trying to deliver more plentiful and delicate consumption experience to various bases of consumers.



MUMUSO FAMILY is an original cartoon fashion brand originated from MUMUSO's loyal customers' yearning for and pursuit of "Our Time• Our Family" themed life.


On Children's Day of this year, we built a MUMUSO FAMILY brand IP themed living pavilion which highlighted a group of vigorous cute pets and integrated original commodities with coffee culture so that consumers who enter the store can do more than shopping and can enjoy the moment with their families over a cup of coffee in this bright and comfortable space.


In the past two years, MUMUSO has opened more than 350 stores in the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Russia. In 2016, MUMUSO was on the Top 50 Chinese Franchises List. MUMUSO managed to prospers in spite of the depression of the retail industry thanks to its "refreshing, fashionable, and wholesome" brand image, its in-depth communication with consumers, its good materials painstakingly selected worldwide, its cost-effective commodities and services, and home-like shopping experience.


The upgrade of business and enterprise depend on the upgrade of employees. When we are told the base of consumers has changed, that fact is that we fail to put ourselves in their shoes. If we are capable of affective interaction, understanding, sharing and integrating for the benefit of our customers, we will certainly and naturally blaze a trail to successful development!