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MUMUSO tells you how to be the King of Retailers and how to beat wholesalers


Many people find the growth of their income simple fails to catch up with the rocketing prices of commodities. In order to maintain their living standard, consumers try to buy "affordable" life necessities and most of them believe wholesale goods are cost-effective. The market of wholesale goods, however, is full of inferior commodities. Can you set your mind at ease buying such whole sale goods? Moreover, is it necessary to buy goods in bulk if they are readily available and affordable? MUMUSO is a place where you can buy high-quality life necessities at affordable prices.

Nowadays conventional retail sector is confronted with a tough situation as a result of the upgrade of consumption structure and the change of the trade. Against this backdrop, MUMUSO has managed to blaze a trail suitable for its development in global retail market. MUMUSO has as always been insisting on providing the public with economic and fashionable articles for daily use that have tangible benefits, aiming to meet people's needs in their pursuit of a quality life with the integration of good functionality, quality, design and value. This business philosophy has been implemented by MUMUSO throughout its daily business operation, from products and packages to services at market terminals. In the process MUMUSO has achieved apparent advantages in the retail market by virtue of its consistent high quality standard and plentiful experience in informatization-based retail management and services over the years and has been warmly received and highly praised by consumers.

MUMUSO has its unique procurement supply chain philosophy which makes it possible to provide commodities of impressive cost-performance. Traditionally the integration of supply chain is from the perspectives of price and cost and with a view to optimize cost. Cost optimization is, however, merely a part of supply chain integration. Though important, it is not the sole content and should not be the theme of supply chain integration. In a time when consumption structure is upgrading, consumers prefer commodities of high cost-performance over those cheap but shoddy ones. MUMUSO attaches much importance to product quality and stresses original design and satisfactory service experience. It is committed to provide customers with a wide variety of esthetic and practical articles for daily use by large-scale and globalized procurement.

MUMUSO is a brand that believes in "Simple Life" and "Better Quality of Life". It has in-depth understanding of and draws inspiration from people's daily life. As a result, MUMUSO's products are plain, comfort, original, and very practical. MUMUSO is ready to be engaged in real-time interaction with consumers for more effective communication in terms of products, users, outlets and brand image to meet consumers' individualized demands and to bring about delightful experience.

The life concept of “Our Time, Our Family” which MUMUSO hopes to communicate to consumers calls for that everyone should cherish the moments and enjoy the best originality in life with their families. Human-centered, convenient and comfort shopping experience is what MUMUSO has been offering since always.