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MUMUSO, a franchise chain keeps perfecting itself in an age in which entertainment is enthroned.


According to Jack Ma, conventional retail has died hard.


But as a matter of fact, it is the insipid retail experience, not conventional retail, that has died hard.


Consumers aged between 20 to 30 are the main force of consumption market at all ages. In light of this, in order to forecast the market development trend in the future, you need to investigate the development trend of these people's needs. The generation after 90s has become the main force in the consumption market for the year 2017 and the 5 years that followed. What are the needs of these people?


A glance at the trending search of the generation after 90s reveals the focuses of these people's attention. They are focusing on King of Glory, games, entertainment, and services. In traditional consumption market, the generations after 70s and 80s pay more attention to the price, practicability and quality of products. The generations of 90s and 00s who have grown up in the Internet age care more for the experience from and cost-performance of products and services. The problems of current conventional retail trade including the lack of resources, defective service networks, poor consumption experience, and low business efficiency show that conventional retail industry is no longer up to consumers' requirements. Therefore, the key to identify future market change lies in the shift of consumers' attention from product practicability to product experience and from quality to service.


Now most industries have realized the importance of bringing happy experience to consumers. In the retail sector, however, most businesses are still trapped in old modes which they are unable to not shake off. Nowadays, small retail stores may have only one cashier and can provide no service; larger stores may have one or two shopping assistant(s). But their service is simply too monotonous and unable to form a working service network at all. In some large supermarkets or shopping plazas, the services might be better and there might be a lot of shopping assistants and various services like signboards and broadcasting. The services in such places, however, do not work as expected and customers consumption experience remains unchanged. Such services have fallen short of the requirements of today's customers.




MUMUSO by focusing on consumers' affective appeal in line with their wisdom, affection, and share has created an innovative retail mode that is based on consumption experience and suitable for the brand's conditions. We strive to deliver optimal cost-performance and home-like experience to our consumers by rigorously selecting excellent materials worldwide so that every consumer can enjoy the joy and happiness brought about by comfortable shopping experience.


We usually witness in MUMUSO stores beautiful moments which gratify us. Such moments can be someone who is carefully picking an article for daily use for his family, or a group of girls who, with shopping baskets in their hands, are admiring a cute fluffy doll and communicating with each other in subdued voices, or a trendsetter who, standing in front of a floor mirror, is trying a new peaked cap, or a sunshine boy who is apparently picking a water glass for his girl friend.


In order to deliver more plentiful and delicate consumption experience to various consumer groups, we created the MUMUSO FAMILY, an affordable luxury brand and original cartoon fashion brand which highlighted a group of vigorous cute pets and integrated original commodities with coffee culture so that consumers who enter the store can do more than shopping and can enjoy the moment with their families, sipping coffee latte in cups printed with online celebrities in this bright and comfortable space; they will also have chance to interact with many original designers. A Character Pairing of the simple and honest MUMU Bear and the tsundere Annie Kitty is waiting for you to enjoy a period of time with your bosom friend.


MUMUSO will always strive to be the best by offering pleasing and satisfying shopping experience to consumers at various levels to meet their ever-increasing demands.