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china.com|OCJ together with MUMUSO Kicked off the Summer’s Night Economy in Shanghai


In the past few days, Shanghai OCJ, the most influential TV shopping brand in China, and MUMUSO, a leader in retail industry selling general merchandise, held a two-hour outdoor live stream under the Oriental Pearl Tower. As the opening of Shanghai Oriental Pearl Midsummer Night Series, this live stream officially kicked off promoting the summer’s night economic consumption in Shanghai.  

Leaders at all levels of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee personally visited the direct broadcasting room and expressed their support and great affirmation for the event before the live stream. Besides, they discussed the current situation of live stream consumption and future development space. 

Influencer marketing is currently the most popular online marketing model. This event brought the live stream scene to the public, which broke the dimension wall and enabled more consumers to understand the details and process of influencer marketing. More than 20 best-selling products of MUMUSO were provided for consumers during the live stream. Their excellent quality and affordable prices aroused great interest from consumers. This live stream was extremely popular, with the highest number of online visitors reaching in excess of 100,000 person-times, showing the brilliant sales performance.

This event brought MUMUSO brand into the eyes of more people. Then, there are thousands of companies that have organized the opening of the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Midsummer Night Series together with OCJ. What makes MUMUSO stand out?
The reason why OCJ and MUMUSO have reached a long-term friendly cooperation and choose to jointly organize the opening of the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Midsummer Night Series is not unrelated to the huge potential of the young brand and its corporate image of integrity first. In 2019, MUMUSO won the “Innovative Model Award” of the “2019 OCJ GALA” with its unique innovative business model and good user experience. This award means that MUMUSO was highly recognized by the industry and authoritative media. It also defaults to the great potential of MUMUSO in the future development.

In addition to its strong strength, MUMUSO actively responds to the national “The Belt and Road Initiative”. It has opened in excess of 1,000 stores in more than 50 countries on 6 continents, contributing its own strength to economic exchanges between different countries. Meantime, MUMUSO is also actively involved in public welfare undertakings, and has repeatedly subsidized the cause of education in impoverished areas. Therefore, their long-term cooperation has become traceable and reasonable.