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MUMUSO, a follower of Jack Ma into the age of new retail


In the Computing Conference held in Hangzhou on October 13, 2016, Jack Ma was the first one who pointed out that "the age of pure e-commerce will soon come to an end. In the future, e-commerce will no longer be mentioned. A true new retail mode will emerge only when online and offline business is integrated with logistics.

Alibaba has, before the audience realizing what the new retail mode means, sped up the ecological evolution of supermarkets. Alibaba's establishment of the TMall and buying of the shares of Sanjiang Shopping and Lianhua Supermarket show that it has been quietly establish a supermarket -- which is the largest one in China nowadays--that covers both online and off line business.

All these movements are originated from the redefinition of new commercial retail. In new commercial retail, the emphasis has shifted from product-oriented retail to consumer experience oriented retail.

Many business modes that rely on the price difference of products to make profits are adversely impacted pure e-commerce. In response to this change, many retailers have proposed the slogan of high-quality and low-price and bound their products into packages, trying to obscure the homogeneity of their products with catchphrase concepts. It turns out a new round of running-in has taken place as a result of the lack of courage to carry out a true reform of the entire industrial channel and the entire industrial chain and the shortage of due attention to the experience upgrading of consumption scenario in a time when information on the Internet is increasingly transparent due to the impact of the industry 2.0 and industry 3.0.

The new commercial retail not only has to deliver products at preferential quotation to customers but also has to engage customer into consumption experience in the process of product procurement. Some people, for instance, enjoy the happiness of talking, hearing and feeling during their window-shopping and/or consumption in a shopping mall, which happiness they cannot experience in online shopping. However, they need the convenient information support from online shopping and the confirmation of the alleged preferential quotation. The integration of the advantages of these two shopping modes gives rise to a real new commercial retail mode.

As a fashionable variety store brand, MUMUSO neither unprincipledly yields to the new retail business mode nor stubbornly sticks to the invariable routine business mode. Instead, it further breaks down and innovates the entire product chain to create a innovative and appropriate retail mode that is based on customers' wisdom, affection, and sharing . By virtue of a painstakingly created refreshing, fashionable and wholesome offline physical shopping environment which offers consumers a relaxing and pleasing shopping experience so that consumers' sharing of affection can serve as a bond for the interaction between the consumers and the brand, the brand's functional and affective appeals are thus created.

Moreover, MUMUSO by continuously integrating and flattening its supply chain and by developing a buyers system and implementing joint procurement develops popular private-brand products of excellent cost-performance and helps consumers to get a home-like shopping experience.