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MUMUSO, a wave rider adapted to the new retail reform


In recent years, traditional mass production and sales mode has been transformed in line with the trend of individualized tailor-made manufacturing as a result of the rapid development of networking technology and information technology. The Internet has changed the production management and branding of many businesses to certain extent and has imposed new requirements on traditional supply chain service.

One of the determinants for a company to maintain its competitiveness is the accurate identification of customers' needs. Once such needs are identified, the transformation from traditional supply chain, in which consumers are merely the destination, to a innovative service mode which involves consumers substantially will be promoted. The application of Internet-based technological innovations can improve a company's responsiveness and market competitiveness by promoting the transformation of supply chain for better responsiveness to customers' needs and by helping the implementation of the "zero inventory" production within the business organization.

The most important change in business logic settings is that consumers now become the core of the business mode. A new revolution in Chinese retail sector is now under way because the center of consumption is shifted from goods to humans, i.e., the entire business network is shifting from traditional supply chain to a brand-new network collaborative mode.

The Internet is the most fundamental element for technological development. Its ultimate goal is to enable any and all humans, things, objects, time, and locations to be linked and mutually influenced and interacted in real time. The excess supply starting from 1990s is the result of standardized, assembly line based mass production mode brought about by the industrial age. This product mode has lost its value of existence and has been giving way to individualized and consumer need oriented production mode.

The technological breakthrough brought about by the Internet age enable use to establish direct contact with a colossal number of customers at affordable cost to achieve a multi-dimensional quasi-real time interactive state between people and people and between people and organizations which is not only capable of completing point-to-point communication but also capable of fulfilling complicated many-to-many communication and coordination. Therefore, we can see in this age that the reconstruction of the entire business logic with consumers and customers as the origin has a core design focusing on the identification of consumers' needs, the continuous exploitation of potential multi-dimensional needs through interactive means during the consumption process, the determination and consolidation of the consumption needs' evolution path and consequence with a view to determine the the revenue points that can be exploited by the business during the process of dynamic demand conversion. This, above all, is the foundation of the new business mode.

The foundation of information flow in the Internet age is free communication and interaction. The argument that " birds of a feather flock together" had been discussed and demonstrated before. The continuous interaction with customers instead of product transaction has become the starting point of building a business mode. The foothold of any and all businesses in the Internet age is customers' motivation and customers' affection share, which are the starting point of business operation. Without a continuous interaction with customers, no business can understand its customers or identify potential demands from customers' feedbacks.

What consumers need are a variety of experience, including product experience, service experience and, above all, the experience of affection share. The Internet is precisely the carrier of feedbacks.

But all these depend on the identification and understanding of consumers' needs for the starting point of actions. If the identification of needs of and the provision of services to an individual can be implemented on the Internet, then it is possible to provide individualized service to meet the needs from all consumers who have access to the Internet. However, the process of this in-depth commercialization is still under preliminary study and as a result the retail and marketing end has been placed on the forefront of the evolution process in pursuit of benefit. In light of this, the emotional sustenance of consumption will be a new water to be tried for commercial retail in the future. Against this backdrop, MUMUSO has, based on the available economies of scale, upgraded a new business retail mode, the IP themed living pavilion MUMUSO FAMILY in an attempt to deliver more plentiful and fine consumption experience to various bases of consumers.

As an affordable luxury brand, MUMUSO FAMILY is originated from loyal MUMUSO consumers' yearning for and pursuit of the "Our Time • Our Family" life and distinct personality. The brand highlights a group of vigorous cute pets and integrates original commodities with coffee culture. All 6 IP characters of the MUMUSO Family have their unique personality. They reflect the conditions of the society and demonstrate people's life in a way that draws consumers close.


The MUMUSO FAMILY IP themed pavilion provides consumers with series of interesting, original, high-quality lifestyle peripheral products including fluffy dolls, bolsters, back cushions, original stationery items, fashionable clothing, and more than 3000 cartoon products of a wide variety of shapes and forms. The pavilion also integrates a themed café area where consumers who enter the store can do more than shopping and can enjoy the moment with their families over a cup of coffee in this bright and comfortable space.

MUMUSO is a consumer-centered place where products and affection share are the bonds that link people into a network in an original way so that all consumers can use their Internet matrix to interact with other people. At MUMOSO every individual is a node that interacts with the business under the motivation to let go their emotions. The development of WeChat business has obscured the boundary between retail and wholesale. The upgrade of the inter-relation between the wholesale trade, the retail sector and the production sector promotes the liquidation of online celebrities and live-broadcasting platform and in the process business modes are formed. The real-time interaction between online celebrities and customers can directly identify customers' needs and even involve customers in the design of products, thus creating new business retail modes that integrate product design, production and circulation. However, this after all is not a specific new business retail form. It is merely a specific scenario evolved in the transitional period.

One crucial word in new retail is "experience", the lack of which can be the most significant short slab for a retail business. Actually for the retail sector nowadays, there is barely no room for the cutdown of baseline supply chain cost .

The core of new commercial retail is the improvement of retail efficiency, the commercial essence of which lies in the combination of efficiency and experience. Shared economy and intention economy are the core of the new retail age. MUMUSO attaches much attention to consumers' shopping experience in addition to its provision of high-quality, fashionable and truly cost-effective articles for daily use. In order to tackle with consumers’ affective needs and psychological changes, MUMUSO's market surveyors would periodically inspect the MUMUSO stores and carefully assess customers' expression and try to identify customers' needs. MUMUSO's commodities are purchased in large scale worldwide in line with the criteria of "environment-friendly, wholesome, and high-quality".

MUMUSO builds a "Sharing Family Life" themed living platform with its smiling service and relaxing and pleasing shopping environment for delivering distinctly fresh impression and care-free and fashionable shopping experience to every consumers of MUMUSO.