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MUMUSO, leader of a new retail mode for sharing


Preface: Not long ago, our reporter had an interview with Mr. Chunlei Xia, CEO of MUMUSO, who shared MUMUSO's understanding and interpretation of a new retail mode. The reporter was intrigued by MUMUSO's success in China and wanted to know more.


Reporter: What is MUMUSO's business mode at present?

Mr. Xia: Direct sales, supplemented by franchise partners,

which consist an important component of MUMUSO's industrial chain. MUMUSO operates in line with the philosophy of systematic value chain. It is market- and customer-oriented and led by its core business, targeting at higher competitiveness, market share, customer satisfaction and shareable profits and concentrated on the common interest of investors, supply chain, and consumers, which are deemed as MUMUSO's business foundation. It is like an ecological loop, the vast space for development brought about by consumption structure upgrade should not be considered as any party's exclusive cake; rather, it is a new business mode to be constructed together and used to build a business landscape that is different from any previous ones. I think it is irresponsible if we advise or allow any partner of us to open a franchise store without any investigation and survey, and the store has to be closed because poor site selection or business performance after its opening for business. In that case we let down the partner who trust our brand. Therefore, MUMUSO will conduct market survey with the partner before the opening of any franchise store in order to ensure we and the partner can grow together on a win-win basis.

R: How do you expect the existing business modes in China will be changed by this business mode of MUMUSO?

Xia: The founder of MUMUSO had alleged that the coming three decades will be an era of experience upgrading rather than an era of the competition of resources, knowledge and/or technology. Any business, whether Internet-based one or physical one, will go bankrupt if it merely relies on its scale or cost-cut. No business will make profits unless consumers identify with it. In future business retail sector, a company that makes no profits and as a result has to exploit the industrial chain by virtue of its scale will be doomed. MUMUSO hopes that it can help retailers to change their psychological inertia of focusing on products and prices alone and neglecting consumers' affective experience and help retailers to achieve in-depth communication with consumers to deliver their brand appeal from within. MUMUSO wishes that retailers will see alternative retail modes which they have never thought of.

R: What is MUMUSO's corporate culture?

Xia: Shrub althea flower(MUMUSO) is our corporate identity and symbolizes our corporate culture.

The founder of MUMUSO when he was still an arty youth used to admire a kind of flower that blooms at dawn and fades at dusk. The flower has an arty name and tenacious vitality and symbolizes blaze, nostalgia, ties of friendship. It is a metaphor of persistence, eternity and beauty. The flower is, as you may have guessed now, shrub althea flower(MUMUSO) . The company was named after MUMUSO because its founder hoped that every one can get strength from the flower to abstain from vanity and display their candid appearance. MUMUSO is for those who whole-heartedly enjoy the happy and beautiful moments in their life with their families.

MUMUSO's employees are faithful members of this family. We whole-heartedly protect this family and hope we can share the idea of "Sharing • Family Life" with all patrons of MUMUSO so that when these patrons revisit the store will feel relaxed as if they were at home. Their shopping will be a satisfying experience and their life will be care-free and lively.

During our patrols in MUMUSO store, we usually witness beautiful moments which are deemed very precious to us. Such moments can be someone who is carefully picking an article for daily use for his family, or a group of girls who, with shopping baskets in their hands, are admiring a cute fluffy doll and communicating with each other in subdued voices, or a trendsetter who, standing in front of a floor mirror, is trying a new peaked cap, or a sunshine boy who is apparently picking a water glass for his girl friend.


R: What is MUMUSO's plan for the future?

Xia: I would use the following key words independent, funny, brave, dutiful, and intimate.

In concert with the reflection on these words, we try to use MUMUSO FAMILY, which is the affordable luxury brand of MUMUSO, to give more plentiful and delicate consumption experience to various bases of consumers.

MUMUSO FAMILY is an original cartoon fashion brand originated from MUMUSO's loyal customers' yearning for and pursuit of "Our Time• Our Family" themed life.

On Children's Day of this year, we built a MUMUSO FAMILY brand IP themed living pavilion which highlighted a group of vigorous cute pets and integrated original commodities with coffee culture so that consumers who enter the store can do more than shopping and can enjoy the moment with their families, sipping coffee latte in cups printed with online celebrities in this bright and comfortable space; they will also have chance to interact with many original designers. A Character Pairing of the simple and honest MUMU Bear and the tsundere Annie Kitty is waiting for you to enjoy a period of time with your bosom friend.


R: Don't you think your growth speed is too fast?

Xia: I don't think so. MUMUSO would not expand blindly, rather, it always goes deep in its globalization. We usually put ourselves in other people's shoes and try to contribute to consumption upgrade and protect franchise partners' interest. We try to achieve win-win in this market and this business strategy is apparently rather prudent. Before its all-out landing in the Chinese market, MUMUSO has already opened shops in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. We have get in-depth understanding of local conditions and customs and have modestly listened to our consumers' and partners' suggestions on the improvement of MUMUSO(e.g.: What are the appeals of MUMUSO to you? Are our shopping environment comfortable? What interesting experience do you expect? What supports do you need? etc.). It usually takes us 3 to 6 months to complete this process before we tap the local market. It turns out that this pace of ours is appropriate. Most of our partners are field strengths that are second to none in the locality. According to feedbacks from foreign social media and consumers, the popularity and referrals of MUMUSO are on the rise. Judging from the data from our partners' stores, the repatronage rate of consumers is also going up. All of the above market surveys are to serve the global market. Eventually we will sort up the feedbacks from our consumers and partners and use them for our global marketing. For this purpose we will cooperate with world-class consultancy services to share data and develop applications.

In the future, all our commercial retail modes will focus on consumers' core needs and perception. Only those commercial retail stores opened in line with consumers' wisdom, affection, and share can survive.


The proposal of the concept of new retail has driven myriad retailers to explore a way out for the retail sector. However, most of such explorations are on the level of products. In contrast, MUMUSO pays attention to the change of the entire new retail industrial chain and the continuous improvement of consumer experience. Instead of monopolizing resources, we share them. In the future, MUMUSO will have a globalization vision featuring new retail for a shared future!