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The new commercial retail mode from the perspective of MUMUSO


In general the new commercial retail mode should be built up and developed from three approaches.

Approach 1: Characteristic products, with the high-quality physical experience they conveyed, serve as the vehicle for consumers to share their affection. Even in the case of homogeneous products, the differentiation of characteristics and affective addiction will give rise to different consumption results. In light of this, the ultimate virtue of branding is to identify consumers' characteristic requirements from the products.

Approach 2: The efforts to make it online and software-based, which require imagination and hard work, to make all relevant actions online. To make the mode online you need a software basis on which digitization of the mode can be completed. That is to say, mutual communication should be made possible between software applications, and the core of which communication is the flow of data. Therefore, it is necessary to get through and form a close loop of live data to support the automation of all business decision-making. The automation and the ultimate intellectualization of decision-making is possible only when service call between software applications can be carried out through API. Therefore only when dynamic coordination is implemented by software via API will it be possible for a network architecture like this to support miniaturization of services at acceptable low cost.

Approach 3: One of the critical cores of future business is service. Products are a consumable link that can be disengaged. Products might no longer be salable/purchasable/tradable, when they are in the form of service support and/or interactive bond.

The emergence of the fashionable leisure brand MUMUSO, like a beacon in the night, successfully changes the belief of that service in the retail sector is poor in consumers.

MUMUSO has, since its foundation, served every consumer in line with its brand philosophy of “respect consumers”. its continual solicitude for consumers’ affective experience, considerate service, enthusiastic and thoughtful greetings, and human-based systems have made every consumer enjoy the joy and happiness brought about by comfortable shopping experience.

User First is a service principle of MUMUSO. The refreshing and exquisite interior design of the store relaxes visitors. The shop assistant's considerate service also sooths and facilitates consumers. Here there is no guided consumption. Shop assistant will never interfere with customers who are indulged in the shopping atmosphere; when a customer is in need of help, however, the shop assistant would come to the customer's side and serve him/her in the first place even when the assistant is sorting up the goods. Moreover, our shop assistant would keep an attentive eye on every customer and when the assistant spots a customer's hands are full of commodities, he/she would actively hand a shopping basket to the consumer to facilitate the consumer's shopping. With so many services down to the smallest detail, MUMUSO is quite different from ordinary physical shops in terms of service quality.

MUMUSO takes the construction of a "Sharing Family Life" themed living platform as its core objective and implements the rules of "extremely considerate" in every details, from products, shopping environment to services in order to enable consumers to receive and enjoy everything they deserve in life with a happy mindset so that consumers can choose what they like without experiencing the stress of shopping. This business mode, for its respect of consumers and considerate services, would certainly make MUMUSO the first choice in their street shopping.