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MUMUSO, the glory and dream of urban life


MUMUSO, a place to meet happiness. MUMUSO, the flower of eternity, is a symbol of tenacity, permanence and beauty. MUMUSO flower, for its tenacious vitality and impressive beauty, can be seen throughout China and has become the symbol of MUMUSO.

Many Chinese entrepreneurs cherish a dream to build a world-famous department store brand. Many ambitious business starters and retailers have a dream that one day they can combine the simple and original lifestyle with the power of "Made in China" to provide consumers with affordable high-quality commodities and services.

MUMUSO is one of the results of this dream. The brand is inspired by shrub althea flower(MUMUSO flower), a symbol of tenacity, permanence, and beauty, and symbolizes "Dream-like and Ever-improving Life".

Better Quality of Life


MUMUSO since its foundation has been providing the public with fashionable and wholesome articles for daily use that combine functionality, quality, originality, and value in line with the philosophy of sustainable development. This business philosophy has been implemented by MUMUSO throughout its daily business operation, from products and packages to services at market terminals.

Tailor-made design

At MUMUSO, an excellent design should be the perfect combination of esthetics, practicability, quality, ergonomics, and affordability.

Enjoyable shopping experience

Shopping at MUMUSO is enjoyable for the high-quality commodities as well as the relaxing and pleasing shopping environment.

Genuine Goods Made with Selected Materials and Sold at Affordable Price

MUMUSO provides customers with safe, trustworthy, and affordable articles for daily use that are made of quality materials selected from all over the world.

With inspirations from in-depth investigations of people's daily life, MUMUSO designs and produces plain, comfortable, original, and practical products in line with its "tailor-made design" philosophy.

MUMUSO, the glory and dream of urban life!

During our street interviews, a graduate student in East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai, told us his dream: " I have a dream that one day I will become a lawyer". When asked to give his impression of MUMUSO, the interviewee said: " My girl friend enjoys her occasional visits to MUMUSO. When she spots something of good quality and affordable price, she would cheerfully buy it and use it to decorate our rental room. You know, the stress is high living in Shanghai because the commodity prices are high here, and my girl friend and I have to live frugally.

It is thus evident that MUMUSO for the high quality and affordable price positioning and "clean, fashionable, wholesome, and original" style of its products has successfully won the youth generations of Chinese on the market. So far, MUMUSO has opened more than 250 retail stores in China alone. But MUMUSO refuses to be contented with its prosperous development in China. Driven by its global view, it expands to most major cities in Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Europe with unstoppable momentum within a short time and globalizes its Chinese dream.

On June 29, 2017, MUMUSO opened its first flagship store in Moscow, Russia, a city teeming with countless luxury brands. The opening of the store was sensational and triggered a consumption shock wave. All products on the shelves were sold out in the first 3 business hours. It was a spectacular event indeed and attracted many local media.

The opening of this MUMUSO flagship store in Moscow, Russia, shows that this Chinese retail business has taken a crucial step in line with its globalization development strategy. This step, though small, lays down a milestone of the globalization of this Chinese retail business.

At MUMUSO, a wide variety of quality articles for daily use are available to consumers of various age groups and classes and any one who visit a MUMUSO store will never forget the original commodities and the comfort shopping experience. All MUMUSO products for their clean and plain design and ethereal fashion are full of the sentiment of a graceful and exquisite life.

MUMUSO products, specially designed for the convenience and happiness of consumers worldwide, are available in many cities and popular among myriad young people.